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Work Senior Physicist, Physics Applications Software Group
Physics Department
Brookhaven National Laboratory
PAS Group, Building 510A
Upton, NY 11973-5000
Phone (631) 344-4755
My office: BNL 510A 1-220   (+40° 52' 9.08", -72° 52' 40.40")
At CERN my office is 32-S-C10, phone +41 75 411 8158

2000-present: ATLAS collaborator at the CERN Large Hadron Collider.
Some information on high energy physics: interactions.org, Symmetry, CERN
2018-present: US ATLAS HL-LHC Computing Manager
2017-2018: ATLAS Computing Coordinator
2016-2017: ATLAS Deputy Computing Coordinator
2016-2018: US ATLAS Opportunistic Computing Manager
2010-2016: US ATLAS Software and Computing Manager
2005-present: PanDA distributed production and analysis system project co-leader and developer

2014-2016: ATLAS Distributed Computing Coordinator
2013-2015: Software and Computing Manager, U.S. ATLAS Operations Program
2011-2014: ATLAS Distributed Computing software development coordinator
2010-2013: Physics Support and Computing Manager, U.S. ATLAS Operations Program
2005-2013: US ATLAS distributed software manager
Physics Applications Software Group founder and Group Leader, Physics Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory 2001-2010
Open Science Grid applications co-coordinator 2006-2009
Database Project Co-Leader for the ATLAS Experiment 2004-2006
Applications Area Leader for the LHC Computing Grid Project 2002-2005
US ATLAS Software Manager 2000-2003
STAR Experiment at Brookhaven's RHIC heavy ion collider
Computing and Software Project Leader for STAR 1997-2000
BaBar Experiment at the SLAC Asymmetric B Factory
Simulation Manager and Deputy Computing Manager 1995-1997
Geant4 Object-Oriented Detector Simulation Toolkit
Developer and Executive Board member (USA) until 12/98
CMS (CERN LHC) collaborator 1994-1995
MCFast (Fermilab) simulation developer 1995
GEM (SSC) 1992-1993
L3 (CERN LEP) grad student and postdoc 1984-1992
ARGUS (DESY) undergrad 1982-1984

Massachussetts Institute of Technology
Ph.D in particle physics, Leptonic Decays of the Z (L3 experiment), 1990, Thesis Adviser Ulrich Becker
University of Toronto (Trinity College)
B.Sc. Hon. Physics, 1984

Since 1996